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For us, documenting weddings is one of the most intimate art forms: it’s a love story, told through a lens. Nothing fills us with more excitement or joy than to encapsulate such a celebration of life, love and family. It’s an incredible honor to be trusted for this momentous occasion, so we’ll go above and beyond to exquisitely capture the day you said “I do”.

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meet jenna

photographer & "mom"treprenuer

Jenna thrives when given the freedom to fly. She takes inspiration from her travels around the world, infusing the art she finds into her style of photography. Nothing fascinates her more than the complexities of human interaction, and she enjoys painting this picture as she sees it unfold. 

Having been a singer/actor from a young age, Jenna knows that her true vocation is showing the world the art of expression. She loved being on movie sets - watching directors, casts and crews work together to create an enchanting end product. 

Outside of her work life, she enjoys taking long walks with Eddy and her daughter Isla. Her love of art and expression fuels her interest in interior design. She loves acquiring unique keepsakes, exploring new cities, and consuming all the vanilla lattes she can find. 



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free spirit




Queer Eye

meet eddy

videographer & Bonsai master

Eddy is a creative, through and through. He is happiest when telling a story, whether that be through cinematography, art, dance or pruning his bonsai trees. When you see him, ask him about his trees and just watch him light up!

When Eddy loves something, he pours his heart and soul into it. Every moment is dedicated to learning, growing and honing his skills. 

He is exceptional at everything he puts his mind to, has the most incredible personality and his laugh is the goofiest you’ll ever hear! 



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photographer + Videographer

Smarty pants

Jack of all trades

New Zealand


Schitt's Creek

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