How to update your photography portfolio for your new website

You’ve decided to update your website. That means it’s time to update your photography portfolio to attract new clients. Your photography portfolio is critical to the success of your business. Photography is about storytelling, and a well-curated portfolio is the way you tell a story to prospective clients. You’ll need to use your photos to draw clients in by curating your photos in a few different places– your home page, your portfolio page, and blog posts.

Your home page is the first page most clients will see. To keep them interested, draw them in with images that evoke emotion. Lead with big moments that will make an impact on a client, and focus less on detail shots. 

Once a client becomes interested in your home page, they will most likely check out your portfolio page. There are a few different ways to display images on your portfolio. First is highlighting different weddings and venues that match the general “vibe” of your photoshoots. For example — you could highlight destination/adventure elopements. Curate these images similar to your blog posts (see below).  Another option is 2 side-by-side image scrolling. Make this format effective by pairing two images from the same shoot together to tell a story. For example, use a tight shot of the bride’s dress detail next to a shot of the couple together. A final strategy is to show your “best of work.” Create a strategic flow of favorite images from different weddings by alternating between close-up and wide shots. Make sure to add variety and ensure cohesiveness of light and color.

Finally, blog posts are where you will want to tell a story to seal the deal with new clients. Show the range of your craft by showing a variety of photographs. First, select 2-3 establishing shots (venues/event sites), then 4-5 detail shots. Be sure to include 5 full body couple shots and 5 close-up couple shots, which can include details. Also choose 1 image of the invites and 3-5 details in flatly form (rings, shoes, welcome bag, bow tie …) Most importantly, you’ll want to sprinkle “special moments” throughout your posts — think of a shot of a mom crying during the ceremony, guests laughing, a hug from flower girl, or dad walking the bride down the aisle. 

By crafting an expert photography profile on your new website on your home page, portfolio page, and blog posts, you’ll attract new clients and grow your business.



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