Wedding at Casa Belvedere// Steven + Joe// New York Wedding Photographer

How they met:

We met through a mutual friend. She introduced us casually and the rest was history‚Ķkind of! I was in my car, sitting in front of our friend’s house, and Steven came barging in with leftover pizza and fried calamari. I knew that he was a perfect match, just because of that.

The first date:

Our first date was at Flex Mussels in Manhattan. We met at the Staten Island Ferry, both coming from different places, and had a wonderful date night over a pot of mussels and a lot of bread.

The Proposal:

We don’t really have a traditional proposal story, which sounds lame, but it was really a natural progression for us and a mutual agreement. We bought a house nearly two years ago and a puppy a couple of months that. We’ve been together for more than seven years and the timing felt right. We started getting the itch after attending so many engagement parties and weddings. Since we are a gay couple, we didn’t want one person to feel the need to play any sort of role in an engagement, so we both talked about marriage and agreed upon it.

We love to travel, cook, play with our dog, go on long walks around our neighborhood (we live on a beautiful park), spend time with family and friends, and work out at Orange Theory.

We both always make each other laugh, and go above and beyond to ensure that we’re both happy. Whether that’s through food, small gifts or just cuddling on the couch.



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